Regular and Golden AX308 via Kredit Random Boxes and Golden AX308 via Direct Sale

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02 Sep 2019

Get equipped with these shiny, squeaky-clean weapons available in store till around 11:00 CEST (9:00 UTC) on the 4th of September:

  • Regular and Golden AX308 via Kredit Random Boxes and Golden AX308 via Direct Sale
  • Balisong Knife via Direct Sale
  • S&W M&P R8 via Direct Sale


Just like its real life counterpart, AX308 does not mess around. The rifle seems an absolute ace in several criteria: highest damage, one of the highest penetration and range values, superb rate of fire and lastly, undisputed accuracy. Having said that, as a heavy sniper rifle, it does have considerably high recoil that takes some getting used to. The rifle also comes equipped with a 4.5x Schmidt & Bender scope.

Shine on!

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